Improving productivity in supervisory work

The goal of the development project at Pernod Ricard Finland was to enhance supervisory work and bring closer together two offices located ten kilometers apart in Turku.

“Our production center and logistics center are in different locations in Turku, ten kilometers apart. We wanted to bring these houses closer together,” says HR Manager Heidi Kivinen.

Although the physical distance remained, the emotional distance between the offices shortened, and supervisors’ time management became more efficient.

“The project standardized our operating models, clarified the organization, and delineated responsibilities, which is evident in our daily work. Supervisors now have more time for managing tasks,” explains Warehouse Manager Mari Mäntylä.

“People have become familiar; team spirit has improved, and there is more collaboration between different departments. Previously, logistics and production departments had their own performance targets; now the objectives are shared.”

“Even though the project focused on supervisory work, our entire operation was thoroughly examined: we pondered what we do and why. Employee preferences for supervisory work were also surveyed through interviews,” describes HR Manager Kivinen.

“During the project, small, concrete changes were made, and tasks were streamlined. The most significant change began after the project concluded,” says Production Manager Eeva-Kaarina Valtonen.

A proposal for a new organizational model was introduced only after the development project ended, and it was implemented at the beginning of this year.

The project was lengthy, but the careful consideration may have been beneficial.

“Despite having long-term employees in the company, there was no resistance to change. People have approached the change with interest, and the atmosphere is positive. The changes made in the Joel project were small and tangible, and no one’s comfort zones were disrupted. At the same time, there was an ISO audit project running parallel, for which we received certifications, and Joel supported this project as well,” says HR Manager Heidi Kivinen.

“This was a soft way to make changes. It has been experienced as better for us because individuals had more influence in the change process,” reflects Production Manager Eeva-Kaarina Valtonen.

“The changes made during the project were easily implementable, and we gathered the supervisors from various departments at the same table. Unlearning old habits has probably been the most significant change,” says Warehouse Manager Mäntylä.

Pernod Ricard Finland Oy’s development project was guided by Change Leadership Consultant Pasi Kymäläinen from Muutostaito. Collaborating with an outsider allowed for a fresh perspective and questioning of existing norms.

“Pasi Kymäläinen got people talking to each other; he knew how to ask the right questions and put himself in our shoes. He led the discussions well, was a good listener, and could move things forward,” Valtonen remarks.

“Pasi was excellent. He quickly grasped the operating environment and spoke our language from the beginning. He easily connected with people and was approachable,” says Kivinen.