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We assist customers in improving their customer experience and developing service and sales.

The development processes have included the following objectives:

  • Improving customer service and sales mentality in the store network with the approach of “we help the customer buy.”
  • Designing sales models and providing training, supporting changes in the seller’s approach.
  • Enhancing customer interactions based on customer segments and personas.
  • Improving sales capabilities of expert consultants.
  • Enhancing service experience through improved customer understanding and changes in operational models.
  • Developing internal customer service.
  • Cultivating a feedback culture in stores.
  • Developing solution sales processes in collaboration with sales personnel.

Key development themes addressed in the processes include:

  • Listening and identifying customer needs.
  • Proactivity and suggestion.
  • Systematic approach and sales routines.
  • Attitude makes a difference.
  • Emotional impact in service situations.
  • Setting oneself apart from competitors and gaining a competitive advantage.
  • Practical implementation of the NOVA sales model.
  • Handling challenging customers.
  • Multichannel approaches.

The journey of sales or service transformation may consist of the following stages:

  • Collaborative planning.
  • Kick-off workshop.
  • Small group support.
  • Milestones in the change process.
  • Results workshop.

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