Leadership game


For Whom

The game is designed for the development of leadership skills. The content and visual identity are usually tailored to the specific needs of the organization, but the game can also be played with generic content related to leadership development.

Benefits of the Game

  • Leadership model: The game is an effective and inspiring tool when there is a need to help managers understand and align with the organization’s leadership model and principles.
  • For both new and experienced: The target audience can include both new and experienced managers.
  • Shared understanding: The game is not an educational game; its main purpose is to facilitate discussions about what specific principles or models mean in the everyday context of leading people.
  • Efficient sharing of experiences: The game enables participants to share experiences, thoughts, and ideas related to their daily work.
  • Intensity: The game concept brings a completely new intensity and practicality to leadership training, whether in physical, virtual, or hybrid events.