Feedback and competence game

Benefits of the Game

  • The game helps create a safe and confidential environment for learning how to give and receive feedback from colleagues.
  • It serves as an effective tool in developing the organization’s feedback culture.
  • The game facilitates the development of participants’ competencies.
  • It helps identify individual strengths and areas for improvement, encouraging genuine self-reflection.
  • The game teaches participants how to engage in constructive and analytical discussions about their own and others’ skills.

The game’s content and visual look are always customized according to the needs and quidelines of the organization.

How to play

  • In the game workshop, typically 4-5 competencies are discussed, and each participant receives feedback from three colleagues present at the game table.
  • After receiving feedback, players reflect on what they have heard and identify their strengths and areas for development.
  • At the end of the game workshop, each participant identifies the most important competency area they want to improve.
  • Participants set development goals and consider the steps to achieve those goals.
  • Goals and plans are ideally made public and are monitored through a survey, intermediate workshops, and a final gameplay workshop, all part of the process.

The competencies addressed in the game are chosen and described collaboratively with the client during the game planning process.