Muutostaito is Finland’s leading company to use a wide variety of gamified methods and board game processes in change implementation and learning. We work through our Space Management Consulting Europe Network.

We are focused on business development projects and training that excites, motivates and engages managers and people in all levels of organization. Our consulting and training processes always aim at everyday change of behavior and renewal. We believe that successful change starts with understanding, commitment and participation.

Muutostaito tools are bold and gamified. They challenge the groups and individuals to think differently.  Something new is born when people and ideas clash, and new and different views are found. We want that the participants find themselves outside of their comfort zones and dare to do things differently.

Muutostaito coaches and consultants have together more than 100 years of professional experience in change implementation and training.

Impact and results

Muutostaito’s primary task is to ensure the agreed change in the timeframe given. Muutostaito helps to ensure that the change in the everyday work is adapted.

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