Team game


For Whom

The game is intended for teams and workplaces aiming to enhance collaboration, work dynamics, and interpersonal interactions.

Playing the game results in the creation of a team agreement, if desired, outlining the essential shared rules of conduct for the team, which are monitored throughout the process.

The content and visual identity are typically tailored to the specific needs of the organization, but the game can also be played with generic content related to team and organisational development.

Benefits of the Team Game

  • Inspiring and practical: The game serves as an inspiring, hands-on, and solution-focused training method.
  • Facilitates important discussions: The game facilitates discussions on crucial topics relevant to the workplace.
  • Strengthens mutual understanding: Through discussions, a common understanding of the current state and desired future state is reinforced.
  • Identifies strengths and pitfalls: The game helps the group collectively identify the strengths and potential pitfalls in their actions.
  • Promotes competitive ideation: The game encourages competitive brainstorming on how to improve workplace practices together.

Examples of Participants’ Personal Development

“I have learned to receive and utilize feedback better than before.”

“I have paid attention to my choice of words.”

“I have been more active in meetings, expressing my opinions more effectively. I have also been listened to.”

“I have given positive feedback to colleagues whenever it was warranted. I receive feedback at least once a day.”

“I have prioritized my tasks as top priority. I still help others, but more thoughtfully.”

“I have planned my work week in advance, which has streamlined the workflow.”

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