We take care at Aava health services

Health service center Aava raised the customer experience to be the main guiding principle in managing its operations.  Aava’s people are at the heart of the customer experience.  Therefore it is important, that the personnel is participating in the development of the customer experience.

”The best way to be different from your competitors is to offer an excellent service experience combined with a top-notch medical level”, says Antti Aho, MD of Aava Health Services Oy.

The main goal of the project lead by Muutostaito was to plan the ideal health care center together with Aava’s people. This was carried out with the help of concrete actions, step-by-step and in an iterative process in different units, with one learning from each other.

The customer journey was described and modeled during facilitation sessions with the managers of different units.  During the day the participants developed a common understanding, that smooth handling is at the center of the customer experience and the project slogan was decided:  We take care!

A leaflet showing the service journey and the key points to remember at each point of the journey was developed and distributed to all personnel. The leaflet also served as material in four workshops with one hundred participants each that were run by Muutostaito.

In the workshops participants played the Customer Game: a game where people consider the customer journey and issues related to customer service situations from the point of view of a customer. At the end of the day each participant made a personal promise related to how he/she can contribute to a better customer experience; also different units agreed on the most important areas to be developed.

The discussions during the four game session days were synthesized into a report, which is the basis for planning the management process when designing the customer experience.
Follow-up on whether the promises came to life after the game sessions happened together with sparring partners, in team and unit meetings, and the executive team.
Under the lead of Muutostaito each unit of Aava founded a development group.  Representatives of different departments meet once a month to evaluate how the service journey works and thinks about ways to help the customer even better.  People from the commercial side, call center and IT-department visit the development groups.

Actions of the development groups have been discussed under the facilitation of  Muutostaito in the unit managers’ meetings.  Best practices are shared with all personnel, and the different units learn from each other.

”With the help of the development groups all personnel committed to the development of the customer experience and customer understanding”, says Antti Aho, MD of Aava Health Services Oy.