Change Journey

Change journey projects common goal is to carry out a full process where the participating employees will start implementing actions towards goals and are also actively participating in the process itself. In the beginning of the process more specific targets are identified and formed, for example, in maturity levels or in more practical way to ‘travel destinations’ that are supposed to be reached on the journey. The process is about developing every day actions, attitudes and ways of thinking. Change journey aims typically to change the organisational culture comprehensively.

Change journey process main phases:

  1. Concepting – sharpening the solution
  • Planning the details of the solution towards supporting the needs and investment
  • Familiarising to the strategy and the expectations, needs and challenges
  • Creating a clear understanding of the current status and the change challenges through interviews
  • Specifying objectives and agreeing the measures/maturity levels
  • Basic concept of the development process around the Muutostaito gamified elements. What is wanted to change?
  • Employees’ current status, customers and business environment
  • Understanding of what underlying factors are rewarding from the unknown
  • Building on positive experiences and learning from the negative
  1. Content  –  Details to place
  • Designing and packing the game tools
  • The support materials, like customer and other possible ways of working -videos
  • Concept licenses for the game
  • Content of the game where there is raised the most common themes regarding the change
  • Graphic design and finish
  • Producing the game packages
  • Making the game rules
  1. Implementation – Wow
  • Learning: Heart-Mind-Hand
  • Appropriate and demanding themes and ways of implementation
  • Competitiveness
  • Succeeding together with others
  • Energetic – professional and content-driven implementation
  • Waking up the internal motivation
  • Supporting ownership
  • Ensuring resources
  1. Following Up – Actions today
  • Producing the summary
  • Documenting promises – brave objectives
  • Focus on the actions of everyday life
  • Reacting to obstacles
  • The role of managers and leadership
  • Facilitation plan to support the teams’/units’  action plans and implementation promises
  • Follow up questionnaire / process
  • Results/’after game’ implementation or coaching
  • Sharing success stories

Change journey is iterative which means that after the ‘after game’ can start a new iteration planning. During the process results are communicated actively and gamified methods are used to follow the teams’ progress. .

With gamified change process can be ensured:

  • Most crucial themes regarding change are in the conversation and common understanding is achieved
  • People will get understanding of why and what is changing
  • Understanding of the goals and benefits of change are strengthened
  • Understanding of the implications and challenges of change
  • Clear plans of implementing the change in practice is generated
  • Everyone will get a clear role in the change implementation
  • There is excitement and motivation to execute the change