Leadership Game


With this game leadership training becomes an experience which is intense and close to practice!
Small groups sitting in a semi-circle mode compete by solving case questions from the areas of leadership foundations, people leadership, performance management, interaction and self-management. The game can be a starting point to develop an organization-wide leadership and management system.

The game concept has been successfully applied for almost 15 years both as stand-alone training day as well as part of a development process.

A typical training process using the leadership game comprises a game sessioon, personal pledges, meetings with a sparring partner, a get-together-event and small group coaching. Coaching works efficiently in a small group setting. This way it supports the volition of the group members, i.e. every participant in the process is committed to his/her own development goals and keeps trying to achieve them also in everyday work.
Leadership game => leadership pledges => get-together/ group coaching
Further support for the training process may be found by WOPI (Work Orientated Personal Inventory), which helps to raise self-awareness, clarify deeper personal development targets and identify personal strengths.