Muutostaito utilises different facilitation methods in development projects. Typically our development projects contain both gamified and other inclusive methods. The goal is to ensure the kind of constructive dialogue that strengthens common understanding and commitment that leads to results. In successful dialogue everybody gets heard and everyone’s contribution is equally valuable. Muutostaito team has over 15 years expertise on utilising these different methods in developing people and organisations.

Goal first

Facilitation methods and processes are chosen always a goal and result in mind. Legos are not build, painting is not painted, karaoke is not sang or videos are not made because it is fun, but in order to gain results. We have expertise to select the right method to each goal or problem at hand. By facilitating the hidden potential comes out of the individual or group.

Facilitation methods’ coaching as a service also

In many development projects we coach also organisations internal people to further the objectives by facilitating. This way we can choose the right methods to right objectives and can coach the participants to become experts in the methods in question.