Wallbreakers Game has been used worldwide by 20 000 leaders as a change implementation tool. References include for example Arla Foods, SimCorp and Danfoss Group Global.

Wallbreakers simulation game is based on change management and other leadership theories, as well as different personality styles. It is used for coaching change implementation in an organisation. The purpose is for instance, to change the change resistance into understanding, acceptance and support.

The game entails three change process stages: start-up phase, implementation phase and anchoring phase. It helps us to understand the change resistance and its stages (knowledge level, emotional level and trust level). Wallbreakers is a team game, where each team selects different leadership actions in different stages of a change process, and they try to get everyone onboard with the change. The game is based on fictional case example, individual’s reactions on change and leadership acitivities.

Wallbreakers offers concree tools to each phase of the process, decreasing change resistance, better commitment of employees and decreasing key employee retention. Functional coaching game commits the participants to active conversation, which creates common understanding and stimulates learnings, reflection and knowledge sharing.

Theories behind the game:

Wallbreakers is based on several known theories on personality types, change management, leadership and organisational cultures. These are for instance, Edgar Schein, John Kotter, Rick Maurer and Daniel Goleman, MBTI/DISC.

Muutostaito trainers are sertified Wallbreakers game facilitators.

“Best thing about the training was that I learned in a very practical way how to take changes into my own team!”

Wallbreakers training is meant for managers, leadership and ones responsible for development projects/projects. During the game you learn through experience how concrete leadership principles affect different kinds of peoples motivation and commitment. How do I deal with the emotional reactions caused by change? How do I improve my teams commitment to new ways of working?

Game process ensures that the commitments done by the participants are transferred to the everyday work and the success of the change management improvements are evaluated at the end of the process.