Innovation Game


Fast-changing world around us demands constantly better ability to adapt to changes. That is why we believe that creativity and innovativeness has to become part of everyday work.

Innovation game is not just one singular game. It is bold and dialogical innovation process that has the aim of creating something new to the company’s everyday work! It is about activating the people. The goal is to feed the innovative culture in the company and create new. Innovation doesn’t have to always be a new product or technology – it can be a new business model, smoother way of working inside the organisation or an initiative to improve cost-efficiency.

Innovation game enables a paradigm from the development of the traditional Inside-Out change (inner need view) into the Outside-In change (outer need view).

In the first stage of the innovation game process the focus is on understanding the customer experience in a changed environment. In the next stage an image is created on what kind of interaction and dialogue enables new customer experience. Third stage deepens the contact points, interfaces and process defining. In the last stage the aim is to create new innovations to develop the organisation’s business.