Well-being at work Game

The Well-being Game is an energizing interactive coaching and development tool. It draws on the best experiences of the Co-operation game made by the Helsinki University of Technology and the Work Community game made by Changeskills.

The game can be used as part of/in conjunction with well-being related coaching sessions and workshops. A key element of the game is to identify solutions regarding everyday work and problematic situations through conversation and shared experiences. At the same time, the group builds and reinforces a set of guidelines and protocols for the work community.

Game concept

The participants are divided into teams which discuss topics related to well-being at work. There are three types of exercises in the game:

1. Topic questions are used to solve ”case questions”, to which every group gives a reasonable answer. Themes in these questions are: “me, work and the work community”.

2. Fact questions measure the teams’ knowledge of guidelines and conventions related to well-being at work in their own organization.

3. Exercise checkpoints ask participants to have a spontaneous discussion in a pre-defined situation.

Application of the game

The optimal group size for a game session is 9-25 people, but the game can be used in bigger groups, too. Whatever the size of the group, players will be very engaged in the game, sharing experiences and creating common guidelines.

The game session usually takes 3-4 hours to complete. In addition, a short orientation and a slightly longer reflection session at the end of the game are usually required. As a result of the game day there can be, for example, clarified common guidelines and/or agreement about areas of development.
We have developed and used the game concept for more than 12 years, and our customers have had very good experiences using the Wellbeing Game as a one-off or as part of a larger organizational development process.

Adapting the game for your situation

We have a broad set of ready-made case questions, which can be used as they are or edited according to your needs. When selecting the appropriate questions the game can be adapted to fit very different situations, organizations and participants, for example for groups of managers, sales people, blue-collar and white-collar employees, public officers or experts.